Aref Arefkia (Aref)?was born on August 9, 1940, in Namein, Iran. In the 1960s, Aref was among the first who introduced Western melodies with romantic lyrics to Iran. After 1971 Aref left Iran and went to London and then Los Angeles. Aref’s first TV appearance was with a girl named Narmela. Aref later sang in other duets with Pooran, Elaheh, Hayedeh, Delkash and also Ramesh. Aref and Hayedeh’s song Vaghti to hasti asemoon por az noore is one of the most beautiful songs left from that period. Aref was also a very popular singer for movie soundtracks . His songs were heard on numerous Iranian films of the 1960s & early 1970s among which Soltane Ghalbha is the most famous. He also appeared in 6 different musical films. His success continued well into the mid 1970s . In a survey conducted by Javanan Magazine Aref and Googoosh were both chosen as Most Famous Pop Icon of the year, 7 years in a row. Zane Rooz magazine also chose Aref as the MAN OF THE YEAR. Aref received the Highest Cultural Imperial Medallion from the Shah for singing at the Asian Games of 1974 in Iran. In this concert with Tehran’s Philharmonic Orchestra, Aref sang in front of 100,000 Iranians and in the presence of many International state officials and dignitaries. Aref performed his first concert out of Iran in New York City in Madison Square to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the American Independence.
Albums: Daryaye Noor, Maaho Palang, Rozegare Gharibist Nazanin and Ayene dar Ayene.