Ebrahim Hamedi (Ebi)?was born on June 18,1949, in Tehran, Iran. He started his career as a young teenager with a band called Sun Boys. After a few years he started his solo career with a song called Attash for a movie with the same title. Shab is the song that was heard by people on Fereydoun Farrokhzad’s show, Mikhake Noghreyi. The popularity of Fereydon Farokhzad’s show immediately made Ebi very popular. Ebi and a few members including Farhad Mehrad and Jamhoor Esfahani from Sun Boys joined the Black Cats who were already performing in Kochini Club. Ebi left Iran in 1977 for a series of concerts in USA. Ebi sang many songs related to Iran. One of these songs was the famous controversial song Khalije Fars. Ebi sings Khalije Fars in nearly all of his concerts to show his support for Iran. His voice and his choice of songs has won him awards all around the world, such as Master of Voice in 1993 with the song Khalije Fars in Australia.
Albums: Tapesh, Nazi Naz Kon, Shab Zadeh, Ba To, Kouhe Yakh, Khalij, Gharibeh, Noon O Panir O Sabzi, Setareye Donbaleh Dar, Moalleme Bad, Atal Matal, Setarehaye Sorbi, Atre To, Taje Taraneh, Pir, Tolou Kon, Shabe Niloufari, Hasrate Parvaz, Remembrance of Kamran & Hooman and Ebi, Hesse Tanhaee and Jane Javani.