Faramarz Aslani was born on July 13, 1954, in Tehran, Iran. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. Later he moved to England to get his bachelor’s degree from London University’s college of Journalism. After graduation he moved back to Tehran working for several publications, including Tehran Journal. His albums are few and far in between, however, each album is considered a classic, from the moment of its release. His signature song, Age Ye Rooz, released in 1977, which just passed its 30 year anniversary just last year, has been on the Top 10 international Music charts for years. Other international singers, such as Ajda Pekan, have recorded this song in many other languages. He is the recipient of the Golden Lion Award by the Persian Academy from the prestigious International Further Studies Institute, for his musical achievement as a singer and songwriter. His first tours of? USA and Canada began in 1992.
Albums: Roozhaye Taraneh va Andooh, Be Yade Hafez, Age Ye Rooz, Maashogh Haminjast, Roomi, Khate Sevvom and Yaram Koo.