Farzad Farzin?was born on June 24, 1981, in Harang, Iran. He is one of the founders and original band member of the Corouz Group in 2001. He left the band before they could release their first album. After many revisions in terms of content, title and record label, he finally was able to release his first album Sharaareh, in 2005 on the Navaaye Raameshe label. He had a hard time publishing and performing his work inside Iran legally. In the mean time he was able to give a couple of European concerts together with Mohsen Yeganeh in the Netherlands and Germany in May 2007. The second album?Shock?was finally released in 2008. For his third album Shaans, He was so afraid this it would be leaked and bootlegged that he released the album prematurely on a late afternoon, with a misprinted cover. Late August 2010, he managed to make his European chart debut with the second song Chikeh Chikeh from his third album Shaans and managed to stay there for two weeks with an introduction to his new album. This received high attention in the Iranian on-line media.

Albums: Shakhsi, Shelik, Shaans, Shock, Taghib, Sharaareh and Tahdid.