Akbar Golpayegani (Golpa) was born on January 30, 1934, in Tehran, Iran. He is a Celebrated Persian vocalist who started his career under maestros Noorali Boroomand and Adib Khansari. In 1956, he became among the first Iranians performing before UNESCO. His career of more than 50 years has earned him a legendary status among his fans. He has performed more than 100 songs on his albums. Golpa’s last album is Ghadre Mohabat, which has been released on 2007.

Albums: Mooye Sepid, Bazme Aasheghan, Chera Ashegh Nabasham, Del Ey Del, Roye Bargi Benevis Eshgh, Aghigh, Maste Eshgh, Ghahro Naz, Avazeh Khan and Ghadre Mohabat.