Faegheh Atashin (Googoosh)?was born on February 7, 1951, in Tehran, Iran. When her father discovered this talent, he put her on stage. In the 1970s, Googoosh was considered the most celebrated recording artist in Iran. In addition to music, Googoosh was also an actress in many Persian films of the 1960s and 1970s. She is more widely known as a singer than as an actress. Still, her following grew. Younger people have rediscovered her music via bootleg recordings of her music. Outside of Iran, she has a significant following in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. In 21.03.2001 during Norouz holiday, Googoosh performed in Dubai. This concert was considered a homecoming for her since thousands of Iranians crossed the Persian Gulf to hear her. Googoosh’s first album released after her return was Zartosht.

Albums: Do Panjareh, Mordab, Kooh, Do Maahi, Hamsafar, Pol, Mosabbeb, Dar Emtedade Shab, Ageh Bemooni, Nimeye Gomshodeye Man, Behtarin Fasl-e-Taazeh, Jaddeh, Kavir, Yadam Basheh Yadet Basheh, Setaareh, Mann O Gonjeshkayeh Khoneh, Lahzeh Bidari, Zartosht, Akharin Khabar, Manifest , Shabe Sepid and Hajme Sabz and Ejaz.