Hassan Shamaeezadeh?was born on November 22, 1942, in Isfahan, Iran. At the early age of 13, He played in a theatre orchestra in Esfahan. He has then performed in Tehran radio and television programming. He continued with ground breaking hit records like Aghaaghi from 1976. He was chosen the most popular male performer in 1976 by the readers on the Zane Rooz magazine. Creativity of the Musician, he is considered as prodigy in composing melodies. On the one hand he has created the most cheerful songs such as Zendeh Baad Eghsh, Bishtar Bishtar and Cheshmeh Palang. On the other hand, the memory of most Iranians remembers his most deep melodies such as Dasthayeh Tou song by Dariush, Sakhreh song by Shamaeezadeh and Milad song by Moein. In the past three decades he has composed and written songs for artists like Googoosh, Dariush, Aref, Ebi, Farhad Mehrad, Mahasti, Moein, Leila Forouhar and many more. He has composed a massive collection of over 600 songs, 150 of which were hits. This creativity and inspiration in music can hardly find in the composition with such great various melodies genres.

Albums: Mordab, Safar, Oojagh, Esme Tou, Dah, Baad az Tou, Aghaghi, Boomi, Talaye Kaghazi, Mehmani, Avaze Parvaz, Gole Aftabgardoon, Golhaye Khis, Bishtar Bishtar, Kamtar Kamtar, Kooch, Dokhtare Mardoom, Ghasedak, Zende Bad Eshgh, Gool, Saate Hafte Shab, Atish Roye Khakestar, Ye Dokhtar Daram Shah Nadareh, Akharin Savar, Parvazo Eshgh, Parastesh, Morvarid, Doshizeh Khanoom, Avazekhane Noh Avaz and Sedaye Zayanderood.