Leila Forouhar?was born on February 23, 1959, in Esfahan, Iran. Leila is the daughter of the late Iranian actor Jahangir Forouhar. She followed her father’s career path into movies, beginning with minor roles in various movies. In time she became known as a child star, and with the release of Soltaneh Ghalbhaa. As a teenager, she had begun modeling for top fashion magazines alongside acting, with roles in Ezteraab. In 1974, Leila released a self-titled music album. In 1988 Leila and her family moved to the USA quickly establishing contact with Los Angeles based Iranian artists. That same year, she released Makhmale Naz and in 1989 Hedieh, and the song Ey Dil, became very popular. Releasing an album a year, by the 1990s she reestablished her reputation as a popular female vocalist amongst Persian audiences.

Albums: Yek Boose, Gheseye Tou Gheseye Man, Tasvir, Yek Samad va Dou Leila, Didar, Gheseye Eshgh, Sarab, Tapesh, Atal Matal, Shans, Hedieh, Bahaneh, Dou Parandeh, Hamsafar, Az Ghalbe Man, Ghahramanane Vatan, Parandeha, Makhmale Naaz and Mahe Man.