Mehrnoosh?Soheili (Mehrnoosh)?was born on October 31, 1976, in Shiraz, Iran. She is a pop singer since 2010. She currently lives in the USA and is signed under record label Avang Records. Mehrnoosh, a relatively new arrival from Iran who is doing some good work and has become quite popular in a very short time. Her song Cheshmat, broke a record on the Persian internet radio, RadioJavan Its video on YouTube has had more than 765,000 hits in about 5 months. Another song and video of hers so far is Kam Miaaramet, with a very nice video directed by Sirous Kerdouni. The music and words are by Kamran Rasoulzadeh, the arrangement by Jamal Khoddami, and the label is Avang. In an interview with RadioJavan in Sep. 2010, Mehrnoosh speaks about her work and the challenges that she faced in doing her musical work in Iran. Despite this, most of the work for her songs so far has been done in Iran. When asked about musicians who have influenced her, she mentions Siavash Ghomayshi, a well known Iranian pop song writer and singer, as her favorite. It is interesting to note that prior to her musical work, she taught mathematics at university level in Iran.

Albums: Cheshmat, Vabastegi and Naroo.