Mohsen Chavoshi Hosseini?(Mohsen Chavoshi)?was born on July 30, 1979, in Khorramshahr, Iran. He is an Iranian musician, singer, record producer and songwriter. His 2008 album Ye Shakhe Niloufar, received permission to be released legally. The CD later became the biggest legally sold CD within Iran by selling over one million legal non bootleg copies. In Yek Shakheh Niloofar, alongside his new producer, Mohammad Reza Ahari, Chavoshi experimented with a new style that was more towards the rock music genre while including traditional Persian instruments. In 2010, Chavoshi made his new album Zhakat, which had many more up tone, passionate melodies and lyrics. The album started with an upbeat melody in the style of Bandari with southern Iranian dialect which caused a small shock to his listeners. Chavoshi produced the majority of the songs on the album while the professional producer Shahab Akbari produced two and Ahari produced three. Chavoshi released Paaroye Bi Ghayegh, in October 2014 and broke album sales records in Iran.

Albums: Changeez, Mano Az Yad Bebar, Parooye Bi Ghayegh, Mano Ma, Man Khode Aan Sizdaham, Dele Seda, Parchame Sefid, Khas, Haris, Hasht, Zhakat, Salam Agha, Ye Shakheh Niloufar, Santoori, Moteassefam, Lenge Kafsh, Khodkoshi Mamnoo and Nefreen.