Morteza Pashaei?was born on August 11, 1984, in Tehran, Iran and he passed away on November 14, 2014, in Tehran, Iran. He was an Iranian musician, composer, and pop singer. Pashaei studied graphic design and was interested in music since his childhood, when he began playing Guitar. In addition to playing the Guitar, he also played the Piano and wrote many of his own songs. He studied graphic design in Islamic Azad University and graduated in 2008. Pashaei began his professional music career in 2009 by publishing his songs on the internet, notably YouTube. As an artist, he was known to be quite innovative. He is best known for his?Yeki Hast?track. Despite his sudden rise to stardom, Morteza was known to be very down to earth, and always showed love and appreciation towards his many fans. His fans now affectionately call him by the nickname Emperator, which literally translates to emperor, because he is the emperor of pop music in Iran. Morteza Pashaei is the legendary Iranian singer, whom just in a few short years managed to become the king/emperor of pop music in Iran and as well outside of Iran, while still remaining humble and down to earth while making his name, and he was doing all this at such as young age as well.

Albums: Yeki Hast, Gole Bita, Esmesh Eshghe.