Abdolhassan Sattarpour?(Sattar)?was born on November 18, 1949, in Tehran, Iran. His fame began at the age of 22 with the release of the theme song Khaneh Bedush for Morad Barghi, a popular television show in Iran. His next hit came with the TV series Ghesseye Eshgh made by Mansour Poormand. His signature song is Hamsafar. With over 40 years of fame, Sattar has over 70 hits which includes internationally known song of Gole Sangam. Among other hit songs are Shazdeh Khanoom, Gole Pooneh, Aakharin Talash, Kashki Shah Boodam, Khaki and many more. He left Iran in 1978 and has taken residence in the USA since then. Sattar has recorded over 300 songs and is among very few Persian singers who performs both Persian Traditional and Classic music properly. He is recognized among the top five male master artists of contemporary Persian traditional/classic music, namely Golpa, Iraj, Shajarian, Sattar and Hooshmand Aghili. Sattar is a Persian Academy Award winner who gained two Persian Golden Lioness Awards conferred by the World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media in 2005.

Albums: Hamsafar, Deltangi, Shame Akhar, Shazdeh Khanoom, Sedaye Baroon, Ashk, Masti, Raghib, Bani, Bi Eshgh Hargez, Gole Pooneh, Ghadam Ranjeh, Ziafat, Tak Khal, Iran Iran, Sekkeh Tala, Nemizaram Beri, Fasle Panjom, Do Parandeh, Gole Gandom, Armaghan, Man o Ghoroob o Jaddeh, Koocheh, Gelayeh, Bazm, Setareh Bazi, Golhaye Ghorbat 4&5, Golbanoo, Freinds, 40 Years of Memories.