Shahbal Shabpareh?(Black Cats)?was born on November 2, 1940 in Tehran, Iran. He known as the Pop-father of Persia. He is a producer, songwriter, lyricists and Teacher. His brothers Shahram who is a very well known singer. Shahbal went to school of music at the age of 6 and studied music up to 11th grade and then went to London to study cinematography. In 1963 after returning from England and graduating from college of music in Iran, he was employed as the timpanist and percussionist by the Iranian National Symphony orchestra at Talar Roudaky. He founded the first rock band in Iran in 1964. ?He started performing in the first live band club of Iran known as Couchini.?In 1984,?he left Iran and spent 2 years in Austria and England and then immigrated?to the Unites States, and started forming the new Black Cats with young and new members. He has also created The SilhoueTTT, SheBaHe, Juniors5 and the DueTT bands.?The Black Cats started as a Pop Band but as the years passed it has transformed into an academy of music. Farhad, Shahram Shabpareh, Ebi, Shamaeezadeh, Shahyad Rohani, Andranik, Martik, Bijan Ghaderi, David Betsamo and Schubert Avakian have been a great influence in Black Cats popularity. Shahbal Shabpareh is the only person in the Persian Music Industry who has and still is supporting the young generation and giving them opportunity to reach their goals.?He is a true Legend and Icon in the Persian Music Industry.

Albums: Pol, Tabe Black Cats, Telesme Gorbeha, Cinderella, Pedare Pop, Faryade Gorbeha, Dimbology and Tolooe Gorbeha.