Ebrahim Solati (Shahram Solati)?was born on November 20, 1957, in Tehran, Iran. Shahram was born in a family of artists and entertainers. His parents played music in Cabaret Miami. Shahram studied at Tehran’s school of Music & Art. He left Iran and arrived in Los Angeles in 1984, where from he restarted his music career. His first album in the USA was Tobeh. A year later his second and third albums, Sabr and Yeki Yekduneh, brought him fame. These albums earned him the epithet A Sound Over All Sounds. His sister Shohreh Solati is also a singer. He maintains a strong professional relationship with her and the two have collaborated on a few albums. Particularly in Panjareha, both were critically acclaimed.

Albums: Shahre Setareh, Tobeh, Yeki Yedone, Sabr, Doa, Hedie, Parandehe, Shab Bekheir, Shah gol, Ghasre tala, Behtarinha, ?Barikallah, Vasvase, Havaye Tazeh, Panjareha, Sarnevesht, Kavir, Labkhand, Mano tou, Bahune, Tanha, Asheghaneha, Hichestan, Haliteh and Ghasam.