Fatemeh Solati (Shohreh)?was born on January 4, 1959, in Tehran, Iran. She is sister of Shahram Solati. Shohreh also has been referred to as the Queen of Scene, for her attention grabbing music videos and stage presence, as well as the Queen of Iranian Pop. Shohreh developed an interest in music early on singing at seven years of age. She later went on to study at the National Iranian Music Conservatory, where she received training in singing and the clarinet. Her first album titled Dokhtare Mashreghi was successful, garnering some notability. Magazines directed toward the youth of Iran in the 1970s also gave exposure to the singer. Shortly before 1978, Shohreh left Iran to perform in a series of concerts in USA. She has been credited to have given sold out performances in?USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Britain, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel.

Albums: Aashegham, Havas, Yaram Koo, Pishooni, Safar, Atr, Hekayat, Saayeh, Aksasho Pareh Kardam, Shenidam, Gheseh Goo, Zan, Nemizaram Beri, Gereftar, Sedaye Paa, Yeki Yek Dooneh, Panjarehaa, Khatereh, Marmar, Ham Nafas, Mehmoon, Sekke Tala, Jomee Be Jomee, Miks, Jan Jan, Sheitoonak, Telesm, Salam and Dookhtare Mashreghi.