Siavash Ghomayshi?was born on June 10, 1945, in Dezfool, Iran. His passion for music led him to leave Iran in the age of 11 and begin his musical education in classical jazz at the Royal Society of Arts in London, England, where he majored in jazz. He worked with some popular bands in England such as the Rebels and the Insects as a pianist and singer. When he returned to Iran at the age of 25, he started his career mainly as a composer. Ghomayshi has created numerous melodies and lyrics for famous Persian artists such as Ebi, Zia and Betty. Ghomayshi wrote his first song, called Ghayeghran, for Zia when he was 14. In 1972 he released his first album, Farangis, in Iran. He lived in Iran until the age of 34, then decided to leave the country once again to pursue his career, this time his destination was USA. In recent years Ghomayshi has explored electronic music as well, and while such experimentation has introduced new elements into his music, the results retain elements of his unique sound. Ghomayshi has also had significant involvement in albums released by various musical compatriots, especially Leila Forouhar and Ebi.

Albums: Farangis, Khabe Baroon, Hekayat, Taak, Ghesseye Golo Tagarg, Shahre Khorshid, Havaye Khaneh, Ghesseye Amir, Ghabe Shisheei, Shokoofehaye Kaviri, Hadeseh, Neghaab, Bi Sarzamintar Az Baad, Roozhaye Bi Khatereh, Ghoroub Ta Tolou, Ragbaar, Yadegari and Parandeh.