You can visit Donyae Nava Website ( and by choosing your desired product, you can purchase our karaoke and pay for it with your credit card. We will ship your order within 48 hours from our warehouse in California. In addition, you can click ?Where to Try? button and discover where to experience Donyae Nava Karaoke first hand and purchase it as well.

You can pay for your purchase by sending a cashier check to the main address of Donyae Nava?s office and upon receipt of your check we will mail your karaoke unit right away. You can also bring a cashier check or cash for your purchase to our office and pick up your desired unit in person.

By choosing your desired product at, DN15S or DN45S or CHP200 or… and selecting ?Song Titles? you can view the music list inside each product.

Since Donya E Nava LLC already owns the right to more than 18,000 Farsi and thousands of English songs, we constantly develop new selections to be used with our units. We provide these songs, over time in our ?Karaoke Chips? for your enjoyment. You can select your desired chip from our product line, CHP200 or other chips in future to increase your music library.

Keep pressing the “0” button until the song numbers become “00000”, and then try to press the correct numbers.

We need to clarify that Farsi songs do not have any singers voice. But in some English songs, you have the option to play the singers voice (Vocal assist). In order not to play the singers voice, you need to set the “vocal assist” function off. Please refer to the manual. You can puchase chip “750 Farsi (With Vocal)” to sing the farsi songs with the original singer and train yourself to be a better singer!

Yes there are some different themes you can choose from. You can even place your own photos. We have placed some scenery and historical photos from Iran for your enjoyment. Please refer to the manual.

Yes. You can record your voice over the music and play it back at any time to see how to improve your singing. Please refer to the manual.

For Donyae Nava Model DN45S you can use two wireless microphones at the same time. In case you are using DN15S, you can add an optional wireless microphone (DN19) to your wired microphone and use both at the same time.

No. Use AA batteries for the wireless.

The CD is not for a musical purpose, so do not play it in a CD player. The purpose of this CD is to install in a computer a PC driver and download program which enable the songs recorded in a recording pack to be downloaded into the computer.

This is not a defect. Commonly, if the distance between the mic. and the speaker is close, this howling sound from the speaker comes out of the mic. You can move the mic further from the speaker or change the direction or angles of the mic or lower the sound of the mic or TV at the same time.

Some of the new TV?s have a ?Game Mode? option which by turning the option on, the problem resolves. This is the solution that the TV manufacturers allocated to resolve this problem. Since some audio and video output of some LCD and Plasma TV are slow, you can talk to the person in charge of the TV and ask if there are ways to improve the delay problems. If you have surround sound system attached to your TV, another solution is to connect the audio of the karaoke to your sound system directly.

There are different scoring levels, and if you choose the lower scoring level, you can easily get a high score. If you want more accurate and honest scoring, choose the higher scoring level.

It is not defective but common for any electronic devices.

Yes, during the time that your Donyae Nava Karaoke is under the warranty period, you can get warranty service at our service center. Since every country has a different TV color system (NTSC or PAL), there is a possibility that some models initially might not work properly with a different system in different countries. But you can easily solve that. Please refer to the manual to solve this problem. In addition since every country has different kinds of AC plugs, you might need a AC plug converter. Furthermore there are some countries with unstable electric pressure in which we cannot recommend you to use Donyae Nava karaoke without stable electric pressure.

Donyae Nava products designed in Korea and made in China.

Please visit our website and enter the “Contact Us” section for Donyae Nava’s office address, phone number or e-mail information. Then You can contact us in your desired way.


Make sure the adaptor on the main station is correctly plugged into the power outlet. Also check if the AA battery is inserted correctly into the microphone. In some cases if the battery is low, replace the battery because the unit may not work properly with a low battery.

Press the VOL button and check the volume of the microphone.

Make sure all the AV connectors are properly connected according to the correct colors. Check if the TV is in the video mode. In unit DN45S please make sure you choose the appropriate option (TV or HDTV) on the unit?s base.

To convert to PAL mode, turn off microphone first. Press and hold button ?8? on the mic, and then press ?POWER? button using another finger until the word ?PAL? appears on the TV screen. Do not release button ?8? and the ?POWER? button until the word ?PAL? appears on the TV screen. To convert to NTSC mode, turn off microphone first. Press and hold button ?9? on the microphone, and then press the ?POWER? button using another finger until the word ?NTSC? appears on the TV screen. Do not release button ?9? and the ?POWER? button until the word ?NTSC? appears on the TV screen.

Turn off a wireless mic first, and then press and hold the ?0? button on the wireless mic, and press the ?POWER? button using another finger until the words ?USER RESET? appear on the TV screen. Do not release the ?0? button and the ?POWER? button until the words ?USER RESET? appear on the TV screen.